Friday, June 24, 2011


Interesting how you take things for granted
like an air conditioner, until the temp hits 102
and IT decides to breakdown. Guess who is
the most popular person in town today?
You got it-the AC technician. So we are waiting
patiently for rescuing from our hot air inside.
I remember my grandmother who NEVER had
an air conditioner-not in her house or her car.
She just pulled the blinds down on the windows
inside her house in the AM, let the cooler air in at night
and suffered through cooking over a hot stove
all day for boarders. She'd laugh at our silliness.
We have to be a constant temperature all year
with our gas furnaces and electric coolers in
cars, houses, schools, offices and even stores.
A bunch of wimps we are becoming! Grandma
had only to chopped some wood for her stove
or haul in some coal to warm herself then.
She was always warm, year round!
And those were the GOOD OLD DAYS....

PS. It's fixed only cost $200 for a little tiny part!


  1. Yes, we are spoiled. We seldom need cooling here, but the heat is still on if the temp drops too low in the house, which it might this evening.
    Glad you got the fix.

  2. Glad it is working now.Enjoy the cool and have a nice weekend.

  3. Oh, those modern conveniences. I think in the old days they just plain slowed down in the heat. Perhaps they could because there could be no scolding IMs or the like!

    $200? Yikes!

  4. It is amazing how we do suffer without ac yet our ancestors lived without it very well...and lets not forget these people wore tons of clothes and bonnets we do not do today.

  5. I really need air conditioning...I would have a really hard time with my symptoms without it..