Friday, March 18, 2011

Vision Boards

In our Artist's Way class we made vision boards that represent our likes and dreams, goals and visions for our future. Powerful stuff if you get in contact with you really are and what you want to become.

Sharon loves the outdoors and sports plus traveling.

Bonnie is a talented artist with a wide range of interests.

Mary, our instructor, is into family history and preparedness.

Caryn likes to live outside the box and communes in nature.
(Photos by Mary, except my photo of her.)


  1. every biard was so well guys are so creative.

  2. Good for you! I have one of those. Mine is a white board with magnets, so I can change my mind or remove things as they become real. I've already seen some things come to fruition. Others not so much. But I still have it.

  3. I should have known that Caryn's collage would be overflowing with life, beauty and exuberance.

  4. It looks like that was a fun thing to do. Did Caryn move from the Hollow and selling real estate?

  5. I LOVE this idea..I wish I was still teaching and I would use it...

  6. A wonderful post. Caryn's poster sucked me straight in!