Monday, January 31, 2011

End of the Month

What have you accomplished or learned this month? Here's SOME of my experiences:

1. Keeping myself from gaining back WEIGHT lost is more difficult than losing it.
2. Daily SCRIPTURE study gives focus to my thoughts.
3. Morning pages or JOURNALING helps me organize my thinking and be more productive.
4. You can't PLEASE everyone or make them ALL happy all the time.
5. It's difficult for me to make time for WALKING everyday, but very important.
6. I love to BLOG daily and keep in touch with my blogging friends.
7. I don't have time to do everything, so I'm BUYING some homemade cards from my niece Dawn.
8. You have to schedule in FUN, it doesn't just happen: i.e. weekly Artist's Dates with Caryn.
9. I still don't like to COOK, but it's more fun when it's for a party or company.
10. OPPORTUNITIES are all around us to expand our talents, but we have to PURSUE them.


  1. All this sounds great to me. I'm scheduling some fun for us today. We're going to see the King's Speech.

  2. You accomplish a lot in a month. I like this round-up. Not cooking and keeping the weight off--I hear you on these!

  3. This month I am connecting with the past thanks to you...

  4. I like this list. Lots to think about.