Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dinosaur Time

Sometimes I feel like an ancient dinosaur
born before time began, living in a swamp
out of synche with modern life just wading around,
resting and eating plants in an outdoor camp.

But there's always that Tyrannosaursu Rex about
the meat eater who would love to clamp his jaws
into my fatty drumsticks and have a dino feast.
If I see him coming, I'll submerge deep down.

Life is really quite simple, eat, drink, sleep,
avoid the beasts, lay low in the water bubbles
It couldn't get any easier, but wait the climate
is changing, getting drier. This could bring trouble.


  1. Love this. But YOU are not an out-of-sync dino! You're totally in sync with modern life;)

  2. Yep. It all goes to show you have to do more than hunker down and survive. You gotta' get out there and have some fun while you can!

  3. Ditto what Linda R said above!

  4. And ditto to Linda and Jean. :-) Have a great weekend, Lin! Happy to see you having fun with your fun poetry.

  5. Well done! The dinosaur is our specter of our future....

  6. For a minute I thought that said Dinosaur Train...the pbs show! My kids love it!

  7. I feel like that too sometimes... but I did smile at your poems and cute clip art....Michelle