Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LISTmaking TIME?

My husband looked at my weekly schedule and list on my desktop and said "You are too organized." Maybe, but if you want to accomplish a lot and not waste your time you need "ORDER." Lists that take into account my priorities are more important than just lists to do. Funny enough, on my TO DO list is to get a new 2011 wall CALENDAR. I try to always have my planner with a calendar in my purse when I go anywhere so I can write down any new appointment or special events. Even with retirement, I find it helpful to plan with a calendar nearby to prevent! I do say "no" to lots of things. There are more things to do than I have time and some activities are good or better while others are "best."

It's a matter of priorities again. High on my list are taking care of my own needs for physical and spiritual nourishment, exercising, writing, also working on relationships-connecting with family and my Heavenly Father. Other activities like housekeeping or organizations are important but not as high on my list of priorities. What is your number one priority in your life?


  1. I do carry a small planning calendar in my purse, and I have a daily planner in the kitchen, where I write down 'to do' priorities for each day. What are my priorities? Well, I like to get the work done first, so I can play, relax, exercise, or just have fun.

  2. My number one priority is to try to be a good person..I like to be organized. I don't like chaos