Friday, October 22, 2010

Notable QUOTES

FAILURE is only the OPPORTUNITY to BEGIN again,
this time more WISELY. -Anonymous

Thirty five years ago this time of year, I divorced my first husband after 11 years of marriage. Talk about feelings of FAILURE, but time has taught me all experiences negative or positive can be learned from. So, I BEGAN again and have continued to try to GROW in wisdom and knowledge. That is why we are here on earth, to grow in UNDERSTANDING ourselves and to be TESTED to see if we will stay TRUE to our BELIEFS. (Photo, by me while walking, of patterns in a rock made over time because of natural pressures.)

So what HAVE I learned?

1. You haven't failed, as long as you KEEP TRYING. No matter the situation.
2. There is always a SILVER LINING in every storm cloud, though you may have to be PATIENT before FINDING it. Keep looking.
3. There are ANSWERS to PRAYERS, and a loving FATHER who cares.
4. FRIENDS can be wonderful guides along the way. We NEED each other.
5. Life is WORTH living, even with it's CHALLENGES.


  1. Great life lessons and beautiful photo of the rock!

  2. Lin,
    I loved this post because I feel that same way about failure. We make those choices to keep going or give up. Somedays, better than others.

  3. Very meaningful ! The picture of the rock is a beautiful art work of nature --wonderful click .

  4. Wonderful words of wisdom, dear. So glad you learned from your experiences and friends.

  5. What I love about blogging is that when we fail, we can help others learn along with us. I'll be writing about that tomorrow.

  6. Enjoyed the quotables... Lin, you are definitely a person who sees life with the glass half full..... you do find the silver lining.

    Here's one of my favs to add to the list:

    Fall down seven times, get up eight!

  7. The layers of stone formed under pressure are a good choice to illustrate your message of forming ourselves over time.

  8. A beautiful, honest post. That life is worth living is the truth I hold onto.

  9. i marvel at the few people who live to fail. what goes on in their heads. Perhaps they don't live for it but they certain enjoy reliving it. that frustrates me.

  10. I actively try to learn from my mistakes. And I do realize that good things can happen as result of weathering bad times!

  11. Love the rock...good lessons...I think we always get to know ourselves better and what we are capable of when we are least that is what I tell myself..