Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Field Trip-Part III

Pipe Springs Monument

Inside the gate is a courtyard between two sections of the house.

Looking out the windows at the courtyard from the kitchen-dining room.

Chairs turned backwards to remind guests to say grace before eating.

Kitchen area where meals were cooked for the large families and workers.

Upstairs bedroom area with cradle for the baby.

Loom on the balcony for making carpets for floor coverings.

Balcony stairs connect to another house section with a basement workroom.

Located on a hillside, they could see for miles around for protection.

In later years, a telegraph office was located in this room.

Many cows were milked at Pipe Springs.
Cheese was made is this basement area.
(The End.)


  1. Great photos! This was fun to see, Lin.

  2. I had never heard of chairs facing backwards but it makes sense...

  3. many of these pix oughta be enlarged and framed. especially the one of the yard with the connecting stairs. reminds me of that famous drawing...the one that never ends. do you know it?