Friday, August 13, 2010

Criticize or compliment?

Asked to critique a friend's family history-
that's tricky to do and not offend anyone,
I complimented the writer for her efforts
and gave suggestions for improvement.

I know I appreciate that kind of help in my writing.
Our little inner voices love to play the critic but seldom
do they give encouragement or suggestions. Listen to yourself
to see what kind of friend you are to yourself. Record what you hear.

When I wake up each morning, my critic says
"this is dumb to get up this early to walk."
Ignoring that voice, I get up anyway.
By the time I walk, I'm happy-it's light.

I am able to overcome those negative criticisms
and focus on the good the walk does for me and
enjoy talking with my neighbor friend for half hour
each day. It helps me and her to start our days better.


  1. My closest friend and I walk together three mornings a week. The other days, I walk with my dog. All of the walks do me lots of good, but I find my friend to be a better conversationalist than my dog!

  2. Just back from work and here comes my six year daughter offering me a sandwich she made -- the filling was peanut butter,jelly and lots of tomato ketchup.Just to compliment her gesture i gulped the whole sandwich .She was very happy .I plan to explain her later that she could do with out that tomato ketchup .
    Constructive criticism are fine but negative criticism can have adverse effects.The power of compliment is immense.

  3. I agree with Kavita. As a teacher, you're always told to look for the good things a child does and compliment those behaviors. You're supposed to ignore the bad, but I think you have to give guidance where needed also.

  4. It seems like you are dealing well with your little voices

  5. Your little voices don't sound like good company. Maybe you should divorce them and find some happy voices instead. Why beat yourself up at this stage of your life? You just have to please yourself. With your character if you do that, everyone else should have no problem accepting you as you are.

  6. good job in listening to your inner voice...its the spirit whispering for you to get up...rise and shine, for it is another day to say grace...amen!

  7. It's great to have a critic who can find what's missing rather than what's wrong.