Monday, June 21, 2010

Vision Board

"Takes 3 things to get a vision board up and running!
1. A wall (I used a white erase board on the right of my computer desk above)
2. Tape - Tape a square on your wall to indicate where you Vision Board area is.
3. A picture of something you want or want to happen (I use magnets and word cards)
Tadaaa! You have a vision board. Put tape on the back of your picture and put it inside the taped area on your wall. Every morning look at it for 2 minutes. Every night look at it for 2 minutes. You rock! Now the Visual part of your mind is being activated! Well done! Get it done today!" Kirk Duncan Mentor/Trainer 3 Key Elements-Body Language Workshop

P.S. It works, probably because it focuses you on a few specific goals and you post it in plain sight. When you achieve your want, then you take it down and put the card/picture in a notebook to remind you of your successes. New wants can be added at anytime.


  1. I had heard about the vision board from a friend who participates in a Buddhist-led meditation with me. It's nice to see the visual that goes with this visual process. Makes sense now!

  2. I love this idea Lin.
    Going to try and find a place. I'm still searching for a place for my desk. It shares our bedroom right now. When kev moves out then it will have a home.
    I going to make a small one for my desk now.
    Have a great week, I love your ideas!

  3. I put up a vision board in my bedroom a few years ago, and just last week, I realized that 3 of the things on that board had happened. I'm still waiting for some of them, but I have high hopes.

  4. Neat idea! I must give this a try.

  5. really ???? i should try it also.

  6. Enjoyed your posting -- a wonderful way to keep your eyes fixed on the target.

    Thanks for the hints...........

  7. I've heard about a version of the vision board myself. I'll have to get a photo of myself healthy so I can get better faster. I'm so tired of being sick.

    Your desk area looks like a version of my work area. Love it.

  8. Great idea! My "vision board" is a simple dry erase board!

  9. I've thought of doing a dream board where we post pictures of the dreams we are working toward:) Started cutting out some pictures already to help keep us motivated toward some goals:)

  10. I had never heard of this before..but what a great idea...