Sunday, May 2, 2010

Body Language Workshop

The actual title of the workshop I took was 3 KEY ELEMENTS taught by Kirk Duncan. Some interesting premises and ideas were presented that gave me food for thought. Here's some of the ideas that I wrote down that were so true. I'll be taking another workshop in two weeks up in Salt Lake City to continue learning about this new way of seeing life and relationships. We analyzed body language our own and others in terms of how it effects our communication. A statement from the course: To begin reading body language I must remove JUDGMENTS and see movements as INDICATORS. The next step is to ASK QUESTIONS of others to better understand them.

A. Some of us are stuck and don't know it. Well that certainly describes me. I know better but keep finding myself stumbling into a pit of self criticism. I expect perfection in everyone including myself and that gets you nowhere but down fast.

B. Whatever you look for, you'll find. So if you are focused on your failures-guess what you'll find them in yourself and others. Discovered a book I want to read Failing Forward by John C. Maxfield. He says how we perceive and respond to failure determines our success. I want to read Ch. 12-Making Failure Your Best Friend. He suggests we....Analyze a recent failure using the questions below.

1. What caused the failure: the situation, someone else, or self?
2. Was what happened truly a failure, or did I just fall short?
3. What successes are contained in the failure?
4. What can I learn from what happened?
5. Am I grateful for the experiecne?
6. How can I turn this into a success?
7. Who can help me with this issue?
8. Where do I go from here?

Something to think about....communication in body language and words is so important and families/friends are about networking, strengthening each other through life's challenges.


  1. This will help my husband and me when we attempt to toilet train our granddaughter this week. Sigh... not really looking forward to it, but I'm really hoping it isn't a failure.

  2. Thanks, teach. I just learned a lot. Those questions are a great way to debrief after a challenging class.

  3. Sounds like an amazing course and the questions were very intriguing, made me sit here and think!

  4. Body language is amazing. Not a single thought goes through my brain that doesn't show on my face. I can't hide anything. If I disagree with something others know it without me saying a word. It drives me crazy.

  5. Well body language helps me a lot with my kids...i can guess when they are happy,sad,anxious or excited.My son simply refuses to go to this school because his class teacher is very rude(yes,she truly is)...tomorrow i am taking him to another school...i hope it works out this time.