Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Remembering Why we CELEBRATE

Christmastime brings too many EXPECTATIONS,
presents we want to receive or give to others,
extended family celebrations that don't happen,
too much STRESS, and worrying over dumb things.

We forget WHY we are celebrating, it's not just
a holiday but a HOLY day that HE was born.
A MIRACLE as the age old story is recalled:
a virgin conceives a holy child named JESUS.

He grows to manhood, HEALS multitudes
TEACHES and CONVERTS many, is still remembered
two centuries later throughout many lands
and REVERED in the Christian churches of today.

The SON of GOD, angels foretold His humble birth
Shepherds and wiseman visited, TESTIFIED of Him.
Yet many today don't believe His SACRED words
or HONOR His significance to our everyday lives.

A man of LOVE, integrity and service whose life
serves as a great EXAMPLE of how to treat others.
He loved unconditionally and gave His life that
we could LIVE again with God-His Father and ours.


  1. I respect these thoughts of yours...very true.

  2. A very beautiful recounting of Christian beliefs!

  3. A lovely posting --- putting things in perspective for those of us who celebrate Christmas as His Birthday!

    Enjoyed your phrase too true statement, 'worrying over dumb things'.

    I've been learning to let some of those dumb things go --- and I've found out that so often at the bottom of that worrying stuff is a 'fear' of what people will say or think.

    There's an ancient proverb that says the fear of man (people) brings a snare. It's true, we get all tangled up when we worry about dumb things, including whether someone else likes it or not.

    So let's be free to enjoy and celebrate the wonder without the worry! Hear Hear Lin!

  4. Wonderful post Lin. Yes, that is what Christmas is all about but unfortunately it seems to have been lost in all the rush to spend, spend, spend and buy, buy, buy! I made sure all three of my children had Sunday School til they were 13 so that they would know all the stories that were so important. However I must say I run around looking for gifts so that I can make others happy and in the meantime stress myself out so badly that I can hardly enjoy the holiday!

  5. This was great, Lin. I think the best part of Christmas is my daughter's Advent calendar. It's fun, it's chocolate, it's a focus. It brings us together, it is full of surprises, it is simple. It takes us to the heart of things.

    Beautiful post.

  6. I hope that everyone has a meaningful holiday what ever they celebrate...

  7. Thank you for posting this for everyone to see what the true origin of Christmas is actually supposed to be although there are many pagan rituals that are also involved in the celebrations.

  8. Every year the commercialism invades further into the hubub. A friend of mine's daughter taught her children that they get 3 gifts...just like the baby Jesus. I thought...what a great idea.