Monday, December 28, 2009

Great thoughts

from church yesterday...

FAITH builds on the past,
but looks to the FUTURE

Sometimes in the letdown after the holidays, it's easy to get in a slump. Another helpful thought:

Leave dark days behind, forget and forgive

I find it's easier to forgive than forget and have noticed that lately some past hurts have been slipping into my life as I've interacted with certain individuals. I pride myself on being FORGIVING but the FORGETTING part is missing. So I'm thinking it's maybe because I haven't totally forgiven a person who hurt me deeply many years ago. A NEW YEAR is a good time to clean house with our emotions also.

PS The BABY is here today-Monday at 3:42 pm, see my son Jeff's blog for photos.


  1. You hit it on the nail, Lin! That's precisely my problem as well. So many negative thoughts and emotions, dredging up the past, all of this just ends up making me miserable.


  2. She looked comfortable in the photo..I bet the baby is here now..Happy Birthday.....

  3. Goodness Lin, its almost as if you've read my mind! It is a constant struggle with me both forgiving and forgetting, but I am Hope your new granddaughter is here very soon.

  4. Congratulations Lin on the arrival of your sweet granddaughter!

  5. I just popped over from Brenda's blog to see if your granddaughter had arrived....congratulations!

    I too struggle with the forgetting part....I am blessed to be able to forgive very easily but oh I am not sure if I truly forget....gotta work on that one.
    Happy New Year.......:-) Hugs

  6. Lin, I've been pondering your posting since I first read it the other day.

    You had mentioned that maybe the forgetting is hard because forgiving hasn't really happened.

    Of course there is that possibility, but I have been discovering, along with many others who come to the healing rooms I am a part of (where we pray for people's healing), that forgiving is certainly the first step, but there is another part to the forgetting...receiving healing from God so our hearts can be whole again.

    I've been learning that time never really heals, it often only buries, but I have seen amazing results in my own heart when I ask my loving heavenly Father to bringing healing to my heart, once I offer my gift of forgiveness to that individual.

    Then the situation seems to really close. I'd love to share more, but comments boxes aren't meant for long conversations...... so I just bless you and pray for the special healing your heart needs so this past thing can be closed and finished forever. Through our loving Savior. Brenda

  7. Situatons from the past reappear even now after 40 years sometimes in my dreams. I think people in your life are always there...especially the ones who have hurt you.