Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy month

It seems to me that sometimes we get too BUSY
especially at Christmastime with all the shopping
wrapping, sending cards, decorating and cooking

What would happen if we SIMPLIFIED the holiday
and pondered more about why we celebrate and what
a wondrous GIFT was given us with the holy birth

How could a simple event so many centuries ago
be CELEBRATED throughout the world even by those
who don't believe in the Son of God born to woman

Maybe it's time to take on less projects or activities
spend some time REFLECTING on the biblical story
and all it's ramifications to mankind and our world

I find myself more and more saying NO to taking on
extra tasks or assignments and finding more joy in
the FEW that I choose to involve myself with nowadays


  1. with the festive season on and christmas being just around the corner, lets hope as we wrap each packet, we also spread the message of love and peace around us.

  2. I'm with you. Let's do less but focus on what we do.

    Years ago the church had an impromptu Christmas pageant. No rehearsals, no hoopla. Kids were called out of the congregation and told to go dress. They processed in on cue, and we all sang the story they signified. It was beautiful and fun.

  3. Wonderful thoughts ...have a great Christmas ahead ...reflecting the true spirits of the festival.

  4. People do tend to get so stressed out and I include myself..good points to remember...

  5. This is just what I need and want to do! I try each holiday season to simplify and slow down and just enjoy being with family and friends, one of the best gifts to have!