Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful for Teachers

Name three special teachers you have had and how they changed your life:

1. Phyllis Moore-my first ballet teacher that helped me gain confidence in my ability to dance and perform. I went on to dance professionally in the Los Angeles Ballet Company then went to BYU to gain a Masters degree in dance and taught all forms of dance in college for 10 years. I also taught Children's creative dance for several communities.

2. Mr. George Saunders-my high school math-science teacher who praised my abilities. Because of my success in this subject matter, my confidence in my intellectual abilities and self worth increased greatly as I headed off to college to become an engineer.

3. Mr. William Fleener-my high school Senior Seminar-English teacher who made us think and took our advanced class of 24 selected students to visit other nearby colleges in So. California, thus building my desire to gain a college education. He also demanded that we put more effort into our writing essays and term papers. I still remember writing about "All highways are not freeways."

I am thankful for these teachers and others who helped me change my life. I love to teach also and especially help others find their voice in whatever it is they want to do. Tell us about your three special teachers:


  1. I remember a science teacher in elementary, an art history prof in university, and another art historian in grad school. All inspired by their great enthusiasm for their subjects.

  2. You continually amaze me with all you've done in your life! Dancer and an engineer! WOW!
    thank you for using my blog as an example--that is a real honor!

  3. My 6th grade teacher Mt. Thorn who was kind to a kid who had family problems..the same with my guidance counselor and one Home Ec teacher who helped me plan easy meals to cook for my siblings and I when I got home from school...

  4. There were so many amazing teachers who touched my life....but i can never forget my Physics teacher Mr. Kharbanda ,he was so kind and always helping ,never yelled even if a student failed to understand a topic repeatedly.I was weak in Chemistry,on asking he helped out in that too because of his help i passed my pre-medicals.

  5. Needless to say I'm very impressed with all you've accomplished, Lin. What an amazing life you're leading and I love how you're trying to help others gain their voice.

  6. Holy Mackeral! You have accomplished so much. I am inspired by your life story.