Monday, November 30, 2009

End of November

Time to reflect as I look back at a busy month. Some of my ACCOMPLISHMENTS in November:

(1) Publishing an expanded LOOKING BACK book
(2) Selling books at the Sunriver CRAFT FAIR
(3) Attending classes about Utah GEOLOGY
(4) Giving a class on BLOGGING for Heritage Writers Guild (HWG)
(5) Publishing my LAST newsletter after 17 issues as HWG editor
(6) Blogging DAILY and keeping up with my friend's blogs
(7) TEACHING my sunday school class on family history
(8) Enjoying THANKSGIVING dinner and time with my family
(9) Helping with the BABY SHOWER for Rachel
(10) EXERCISING lots and LOOSING two pounds which I regained over Thanksgiving! Good thing I'll be teaching a class on Become a Healthier SLIMMER YOU in January 2010 for Dixie Comm. Ed.

Now looking forward to new CELEBRATIONS in December besides Christmas: a new grand daughter Lorien's birth eagerly anticipated-what a Christmas present as well as my son-the new father to be will be graduating from UVU with his bachelor's degree as he celebrates his birthday Dec 13th. The new generation is rising and working their way towards being grandparents one day. They don't realize that, but it sneaks up on you with each passing day. It's called LIFE.


  1. November certainly was jam-packed full for you. Look at how very much you've accomplished. And wonderful events ahead of you in December!

  2. Oh yikes! November is ending? What have I done? What have I done? Definitely not as much as you. Sigh...

  3. Congrats on getting so much done and congrats on the family. It does sneak up on you. Your daughter is a baby one day and in just a blink of an eye you are planning a wedding (Okay, that is waht is happening to me). But, life does happen fast.

  4. ALways nice to pause regualarly and take stock. You've accomplished quite a lot!

  5. Can I have your life? LOL It sounds marvelous and you had some great accomplishements this past month. I bet Dec. will be terrific!

  6. You have had a very successful November! Pat yourself on the back!

  7. You accomplished plenty, that's for sure. You are great.

  8. Lovely to come to your last posting in November and catch a glimpse of your beautiful life as it unfolded this past month. You always inspire me!

  9. Wow..You are so organized..I did clean a closet and donated some clothes...and... well.. hmmm..I guess not to much else was accomplished.. oh dear... Michelle

  10. Novenber is kind of a blur for me. I would have to look back at my daily calendar to figure out what I did. I just know I was busy.
    But I'm already heavily into December and it hasn't even started yet!

  11. Lin,were you like this organized and always full of ideas and willing to do something new everytime....very inspiring.

  12. I cannot believe how many posts got by me!! Never again!