Sunday, September 6, 2009


Lighthouses are beacons to guide us safely
to shore. That’s what I desire to be,
an example for others to follow
when they remember me or read my writings.
Life isn’t easy but it is an adventure.
Each day some new challenge or problem
to overcome, strengths to gain, and
weaknesses to conquer. Tests to master
that will prepare us for eternity.

Tour of restored Yaquina Bay lighthouse


  1. Wonderful post, Lin. I love lighthouses--I think most especially the short, squat ones that hug the earth they stand on. Your slide show tour was a gem.

    I have had a challenge or two at work already that I think has taught me a lot. I am still learning. It is nice to see and feel the truth!

  2. I have never seen a lighthouse before but have met people who played a role like one in my life...i loved your slide show.

  3. Wonderful post Lin. Very inspirational words for me to ponder. Enjoyed the lighthouse tour. I love lighthouses.

  4. And you have been a guiding light on many occasions.

    Another beautiful thought, another beautiful poem from my beautiful friend, Lin.

    I read somewhere that you shouldn't try to be a lighthouse somewhere else, if you can't be a flashlight where you are.

    I just thought it was clever at first... then I though about it. Maybe we should think a little bit about the importance of flashlights. It isn't a lighthouse that leads us through the woods on a dark's the humble flashlight. It's the flashlight that sees us through storms that rob our homes of power.

    A lighthouse stands solid on the hillside and guides us from a distance. That is extremely important...but, it's the humble flashlight that walks with us on the craggy shores of life when darkness comes, helps us through a foggy sea as we try to set sail. It's the flashlight that we need to bring us safely to where we can see the beacon of the faraway lighthouse again.

    So... I've decided that maybe I'll just aspire to be a flashlight. I want to walk with kith and kin, and strangers as well...I want them to take me in their hand and trust that I can shine enough light to get them through the woods on a dark night. By example? Yes... I guess so. But, mostly by being a companion, by offering courage and faith that they can find their way through the black hours. I will continue to let the Savior be the ever constant lighthouse, always standing solid on the hillside, quiding us all back to the shores of our home.

  5. I love all the pictures from your vacation!!

  6. Great post and great comments. Caryn is too funny!! I'll bet she is fun to have as a friend. You are both blessed.

  7. Fun post, Lin. I love your slide show.

  8. There is something about lighthouses that is very appealing and I am really enjoying all the photos that you are sharing. I like the idea of you being a 'beacon' as I find your light shines very brightly....