Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Questions

Found this on a new blogger friend's post. So I took the challenge to answer some questions.

1. I didn't know how to swim until graduation from jr. college when we had to pass a test or take a swim class-I took the class and got a C grade. Now I love water aerobics.
2. I don't like coloring my hair, and am contemplating letting it grow out then just highlight it. Tried gray before but didn't like it because I looked too old, now I am old. (Oops got it redone today for my b-day tomorrow!)
3. I am scared of bears and don't ever want to camp or hike or live where they are around.
4. Even though I said I wouldn't, I watched all of the MJ memorial and quite enjoyed it. Impressed by his creativity and talent but saddened by his life style.
5. I like my water aerobics class.
6. I can not watch movies that are scary with any violence in them.
7. I have a stash of sugar free chocolates and eat one a day without guilt.
8. I do not like to scrub showers or toilets. Yuck!
9. I like/love writing daily and have kept journals forever of my life. Also love to teach classes on just about anything to adults.
10. I'm still trying to figure out how to use Photoshop to make borders around my photos and collages.
11. I haven't figured out how to make an index of posts on my blog. Help someone!

Now you try to answer these questions in your comments or on your blog. Thanks!


  1. I got a comment from my Aunt Jean giving me a lesson on linking! Yay! I am getting an education as I go.

  2. That's a great list. May you never meet a bear.

    A blog index? I will give that one some thought. Doesn't that work with the labels?

  3. I started getting gray in my 20s, but hung in there with it until 1990, then last year I decided to stop, and it's growing out. So nice not to have to keep that up!

  4. We are so alike in many ways. I hate violence, too. I don't color my hair for that very reason. I'd keep the sugar free chocolate around, too. Maybe I'll go get some. Hmmm...

  5. Fun to read your responses, Lin! And I'm going to take you up on the challenge to answer them myself soon.

  6. LIN...HI..some interesting answers here..i still can't swim..i love coloring for a change now and then,i am scared of tigers ,i too saw MJs memo. but slept half way as it was too late here,i avoid watching horrors and violent movies ..i wonder why they are made,i love chocolates but once in a week i enjoy them,i love cleaning bathrooms..truly,i can't was fun ..yeah

  7. This is a fun little tag..I will take this up in a future post...I don't want to be gray yet...I started going gray in my 20s....