Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mouses or Mice?

Well, it happened-my mouse finally gave up
and stopped obeying my every command.
When I clicked once, it wouldn't do anything
or it would double click thereby deleting
several emails instead of just the one I wanted.
Even after cleaning, it didn't work any better.

The time had come to finally give up and buy
a new mouse to replace the worn out one.
To Staples I went with the question on my mind,
Do you have any mouses or should I have said mice?

I decided a mouse was easiest...of course, they had
lots of mouses or mice? with cords or tails or
wireless without, and optical or with a track ball.
Then I needed to consider how to hook it up
with a USB port or the older PS2? It's a different
language to speak computer-eze or mice-eze.

I bought an Logitech USB optical mouse.
It is so quick now, I can't get over it.
Like a teenager when asked to help
says, Yes, mom right away-I'm so surprised.
I have a mouse that obeys, responds to my
every command. This is computer heaven!


Cheryl /Ashton said...

Hope your mouse is all you could ever want and more LOL! Even purchasing a computer mouse is a big decision now with all the many choices that are available. I have a wireless mouse and woo-hoo, its like driving down the road full speed ahead!

Jean said...

Yup, there's nothing like a mouse that works quickly and efficiently, not to mention accurately.

Deborah Godin said...

I didn't know different, um, 'species' of mice were that different!

Carla said...

So far, I've never had to replace a mouse...but unfortunately, my USB ports have just stopped I can't post any pics for now.

dellgirl said...

Yes it is computer heaven when everything works well! Add in "quick" and that makes it all the better.

You and I have the same dilemma, mouses or mice? I end up going with mouses since I can't see these things as "mice"...LOL

Linda Reeder said...

I, too, have never had to purchase a mouse separately. I would have no clue how to speak "mouse" talk.

Rambling Woods said...

I hope this new mouse gives you long service..I need a new one as mine is not behaving very well either..

kavita said...

Finally a mouse we love to have in our homes...congrats

Mare said...

You don't know what you've got til it's important that little mouse is! Glad you got it all together!

Anonymous said...

I think I would rather have a cat! :) It would be much easier to replace with no worries about its plural form!!

SandyCarlson said...

Cool for you with your mouse! You made me smile. Yesterday I showed mom how a touch pad works. She had that cursor speeding around and driving her nuts. Oh, the technology!