Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun Similes

You're as cool as a cucumber.
She's some tomato.
Cute as a button.
Ugly as a mud fence.
Fresh as a daisy.
Sweeter than honey.
Skinny as a rail.

Fat as a pig.
Wise as an owl.
Crazy like a fox.
As strong as an ox.
Regular as a clock.
Quiet as a mouse.

Drunk as a skunk.
Proud as a peacock.
As cuddly as a cactus.
Smooth as sandpaper.
Busy as a beaver.
Dead as a doornail.
As happy as a lark.

Mad as a hornet.
Nutty as fruitcake.
Old as the hills.
Quick as a wink.
Pure as snow.
As scarce as hen's teeth.
Slippery as an eel.

Slow as a turtle.
Solid as a rock.
Straight as an arrow.
Stubborn as a mule.
Tough as nails.
Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.


  1. Interesting that the only one of these that seems to be based just on rhyme, and not on the properties of the object, is Drunk as a skunk. I wonder why that is? I have heard of Drunk as a lord, though!! Great list, Lin.

  2. Thinking about Deb's comment. I wonder what the skunks feel about that.

    And I've been wondering about door nails for years. Need to find one.

    I enjoyed this play on our language.

  3. This was fun.....I too wonder about the skunk one...

  4. I was just about to mention the "drunk as a skunk" but Deborah beat me to it.

  5. "Ugly as a mud fence?" That is just too funny, never heard that one before. Funny funny funny!