Thursday, February 26, 2009

Need Help?

There are a ton of resources to teach you how to do just about anything connected with family history. Ranging from free TUTORIAL LESSONS to VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS to NEWSLETTERS to help you get started or continue with your genealogy research. One of the best sources is or use a search engine for assistance on any topic. Want to start a website or don't know how to use your PAF or Legacy database? Help is as close as your keyboard or at a LDS family history center where trained volunteers wait to assist you with your genealogy. Better yet find an Internet cousin or family member with more experience than you to teach you or take a CLASS online or at a local library-ask a librarian or join a local historical society. Every community has untapped resources to discover.

A new world of adventure and learning lies ahead of you as you pursue your FAMILY HISTORY and develop a new hobby as a GENEALOGIST. There is even an experienced researcher (me) who is offering a free hour of searching on your line if you will commit to PAY IT FORWARD and help three other people in some way-doesn't have to doing their research. Just send them some blog candy-a surprise gift. So far no one has taken me up on my offer. This could be your lucky day!


  1. You are so kind to do this Lin. I guess I haven't felt a need to do anything because all of my family (maternal and paternal) and Art's family somehow managed to keep some records and even created books to store that information.

  2. Lin,
    You are so kind. I will have to buckle down and see about finding Carl Carlson. I will use your blog. You are quite a lady.

  3. Lin..this is sweet of you. I am overwhelmed this week with everything about my Mother..but I will take you up on your kind offer when things settle down and I rest up....Michelle

  4. These look interesting, thanks for sharing, Lin.