Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's in your handbag/mind?

Got this idea from Michelle's blog-it's on the monitor above:

1. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile. 
2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents. 
3. Be brave and 'splain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag. 
4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves. 
5. Answer these questions: 

Describe the contents of your handbag: Day planner, pencil, checkbook, wallet, keys, makeup, cell phone, mirror, clip-on dark glasses, nail clippers, bobby pins, safety pin, floss, mints, trident gum, life savers, thumb drive (left over from a computer class I taught Sunday)...pills, hand lotion, water, and digital camera.

What's the most important thing in your handbag? probably my camera, followed by my wallet with credit cards and ID. That's the valuable things but the really most important is my planner with its calendar to keep me organized and blank pages plus a pen or pencil to write down my thoughts and poems that come to me. I'd be lost without it.

What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag? That it's so full. Need a bigger purse. Also I carry floss but forget to floss often enough...

What's the smallest thing in your handbag? a safety pin

Is there anything illegal in your handbag? nope

I have a small purse and fill it with so much stuff that it split on the side so I had to superglue the seam together and it is holding...I take my purse everywhere with me except to water aerobics-it doesn't float. This is a great excuse to clean out your purse. Tell us about your purse or wallet in a comment. (Consider that maybe the state of our purses reflects the state of our minds or lives?)


  1. Lin..isn't that my purse on the screen? Thanks for playing, I thought it was a fun tag. As I have gotten older, my purse has gotten bigger when I should really be downsizing.... Michelle aka Sandra

  2. Oops sorry about that, had originally given Sandra's blog credit for this idea but it was Michelle. I had her blog in my blog list as Sandra's. Sorry about that. Think I've corrected it. Fun idea for blogging. Thanks .... I've expanded it to take in considering the state of our mind as well as our purse. lol.

  3. My eyes went straight to the camera, Lin! What a collection.

    I find even with a small bag that I lose stuff in it. I want to be one of those no-purse people.

  4. Cute idea! Us women do hold a lot of stuff, huh?

  5. I don't keep a lot of stuff in my little purse...and there's not much stuff in my tiny little brain. :-)

  6. Mom! I have three purses, which one should I look :) oh also I have a computer bag that I use as a purse sometimes. I think I am in trouble...