Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How do answers come?

Caryn brought up a very interesting topic in her comment on my last post about prayer. She said, The interesting thing here is...that when we do pray, and when He does send answers, it is most often through the words and deeds of a friend. The friend can be old, or new...near, or far. I agree or sometimes answers come from something we read or hear. It also can be a strong feeling or inspiration to do something that we feel.

There is in our church a scripture that says when we have a question that we need an answer for that we study it out in our minds first and make a decision. Then take that decision in prayer to our Heavenly Father. If after prayer, the decision feels right or good then we are in accord with His will for us. But if we have a stupor of thought then we need to rethink our decision and return again in prayer with a new decision. 

I find it most helpful to pray in quiet places like my bedroom or nature settings or in the temple. We have there a special prayer roll where we can put friends, family or our own names on to be prayed for during temple sessions. I went to the St. George temple yesterday and put the names of two of my blogging friends on the temple roll as they have special needs at this time. There is power in prayer, if we have faith in God.

If we feel no answer but not confused, then whatever we decide is okay. Heavenly Father doesn't need to command us in all things. It's probably okay with Him, if we choose to move to California or Vermont, both would be good for us. Sometimes we just have to decide for ourselves. In following this process, it slows us down and forces us to meditate and consider more what we are doing. Putting our life in line with truth and the path our Father would have us follow.

It always helps me to make a list of positive and negative things about any decision I'm making. Sometimes if I find I am trying to choose between two good things, it's possible to do a little of both.


  1. Good morning, Lin. Well, for me it's morning. You get up so early it probably feels like early afternoon to you.

    I see you have that wonderful mind of yours cranking already on this gorgeous Autumn day.

    I think the idea that will tumble around in my brain as I head into the activities today brings, is the thought that sometimes the process "slows us down and forces us to meditate and consider more what we are doing".

    You know I'm a sort of 'spur of the moment, fly by the seat of my pants' kind of gal. I often have to tell myself to 'just breathe'

    But, you are so right. When I take a moment in the morning to talk things over with my Heavenly Father...and I feel comfortable about a question I had for Him, I do chew on my decisions a little longer.

    Prayer is a very calming thing to do. For those of our friends who do not make prayer a part of their lives for whatever reason... it's like meditation with the knowledge that someone other than ourselves, someone who really cares, is listening. It makes a dialogue of meditation, because the next logical step when you think an interewsted party is listening to you, is knowing that they will respond. So you pay attention to whatever whisperings come to a line in a book or in a song, a comment made by a friend, a co-worker, the lady standing next to you in line at the grocery store.(surely I am not the only one who strikes up conversations with the people standing next to me in line almost anywhere)

    There is unbelievable comfort in knowing that we never need to be alone.

  2. POWERFUL!!! I love the way you put this. It is so very clear for anyone who might need a little more assistance with the process. I am so thankful to have believing praying friends because (as my great-grandmother used to say), "2 or 3 or more can out-pray 1 along any day."

    She's been gone a long time so I don't know exactly what she meant by "out-pray", but I interpret it to mean that 2 or 3 or more praying together for the same purpose is a definite plus.

  3. Oops!!! along? I think not. Should be "alone"

  4. Lin..It was very thoughtful of you to add some of your blogger friends to the prayer list. I am sure that it is appreciated...