Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Starting Over

Well, today I get my repaired laptop back
With a new hard drive, like a brand new baby
Limited in its abilities and prior experiences
Ready to react as I install all my software
Hopefully correctly, if not it will be another
Learning experience. I miss the opportunity
To track my expenses with Quicken,
Surf the Internet, send and receive emails
Organize my writings and print them off
Wish me luck as I become a new mother
Of a newly reborn laptop awaiting me


  1. Lots of luck, Lin. I'm sure you'll do fine and you and your new baby will be up and running in no time.

  2. Well, I hope you got your laptop back. I know I almost went crazy after I crashed my old computer and had to wait a few days before I got a new one. And it sounds like you use your 'puter for a lot more things than I do. Good luck! Hope it all works as it should.

  3. Lots and lots of luck, Lin. Hope everything turns out fine. My laptop,caught a virus a couple of months ago then had to spend almost 2 months in the computer hospital. They assured me it was fine. All I can do on on it now is word processing, excel, and play spider solitaire. I'll be so glad when Jordyn or baby son gets some time to check it out and install whatever it needs to get on the intetnet. I have tried everything I can with my limited abilities. Nothing I tried works.

    Good luck to you on your new baby. LOL

  4. Well, with all of your new technology, how willyou know what to use for what?
    An upgrade on Zone Alarm security messed up a lot of people today. Tom was finally able to get through late this afternoon to get the fix. I finally have email and internet back. Boy, how did we live without them?
    My computer is acting very slow and jerky even now.

  5. Good luck, Lin. We just unpacked our desk top computer and my husband put it together and I'm in 7th heaven.

  6. Retired teacher eh? Thank you for helping our young folks. Good morning from Mississippi. I hope you have a wonderful morning!

  7. hee hee... LOVE the analogy.

    I often think of my computer as a balky teenager. Never thought about a new one being like a newborn baby... but, so true.

    New adventures are waiting. Go forth and enjoy!!