Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's Saturday

soon time for my Saturday night bath...ha ha ha. Actually if I don't have a shower each evening before bed I don't sleep soundly. So that's probably why I wouldn't enjoy camping any more or make a good pioneer. We have so much in our day and age that we take for granted like dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, microwaves, cars, tvs, vcrs, computers, dvds, etc. The list goes on, being able to go to the grocery store to buy our food, the mall to buy shoes or clothing, having gas for our cars even if it costs a lot. 

What a bunch of sissies we are, if we ever had to do without electricity or gas. Let's hope that doesn't happen but in the meantime we need to have some food storage and water set aside for emergency times. A little extra faith in prayers will come in handy also as we face the unknown future and any tests that could come our way. We are all in this life together to extend a hand of friendship and support to each other along our journey.


Musings said...

I'm a night-time shower person, too. I like going to bed clean, the day's cares washed away.

I also agree about really liking the modern ammenities.

gremhog said...

oh i am a sissy. and now we have a generator. dawn and ken have had one forever. and they have used it nearly yearly. and you are correct about water storage. we have about 5 of those 55 gal. drums filled with water and hence, we could take a 'shower' in even the worst of times and still get good sleeps.

nedo said...

drying your clothes outside, and taking less warm showers will save you more than you can imagine. average american house holds power use is highest on close dryers and warming up water.. just a fruit for a thought.

mom/caryn said...

I can't even imagine living without sunglasses let alone a washer, dryer, fridge, Smith's Food King, a closet full of shoes,
and cell phones.

Yup! I'm an unapologetic, die hard, sissie!

I do sleep better after a shower... but, I really take them 7or 8 months of the year to get warm as much as to get clean.