Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canadian Border

We drove 50 miles north from Sandpoint Idaho to the Canadian border but couldn't enter because you need a photo ID and your birth certificate. We don't carry our birth certificates around with us, so we just looked over the border. In the photo above you can see a small vertical line up the mountain that my husband tells me is the border line.

It was funny to see a sign saying welcome to the USA when we hadn't left but it was for the cars entering from Canada. The gas station sold gas for $1.07 per liter which is about $4.09/gallon. Gas has been really reasonable here in Idaho $3.94/gallon which is cheaper than Utah.


  1. $3.95 sounds wonderful. I imagine Hawaii is going to have terrible prices. Sigh....

  2. Okay... I looked at that photo of Allen by the gas prices and nearly lost conciousness. I didn't realize that was a "per liter" price.... thinking it was per gallon about dropped me to my knees. Isn't it just sad that $3.94 sounds cheap to us? It's a ridiculously high price!! And we get all excited when we see it. Pretty crazy!

  3. I immediately saw the Power Ball lottery sign and thought how nice it would be to win! There would probably be enough money to pay for the gas it will take to return to St. George :)