Thursday, April 24, 2008

Negative Self Talk

I quickly glanced through the recent issue of the Sr. Sampler just out today and couldn't find my second article. Oh no, I thought they've decided to stop my column after just one time. Interesting self talk, so then I had to listen to a whole conversation with myself that went something like this...

Q: So, can you survive that kind of rejection?
A: Well, let's not jump to conclusions so quickly.
Q: What do you mean?
A: Well, maybe you just missed it, maybe it's in the other section.
Q: OK, I'll look again but what if it's not there?
A: Well, you'll survive. You'll just have to find another place to publish your articles. It doesn't mean they aren't any good or that you are any less of a person or a writer if you're aren't published.
Q: What if they just didn't have any space?
A: Good thought, that does happen.
Q: So look again in section #2
A: Whew I found my photo and my article on p. 22 of the second section. Hurrah!

Don't we waste a lot of our good time with negative self-talk?

1 comment:

  1. Uhhh... maybe it would be good for us to check things out thoroughly from all sides before we start into the negative self talk... we'd probably save ourselves a lot of disappointment, anxiety and aggravation.

    But, it seems like the minute the olde THUD hits the stomach, all cognitive thought drains from my brain. A crazy thing to do to ourselves, allright.