Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who is “Me”?

My inner voice, unlike any other
Unique to my life's experiences
My personality, my inner self
Amazing how no two individuals
Are the same, even twins
Something precedes our birth
The spiritual essence of “me”
The authentic “me,” no facades

Life seems to teach us to hide the real “me”
In favor of the acceptable “me” or polite “me”
The always postive, smiling or agreeable “me”
But what if I feel differently inside than
Others expect to see on the outside “me”
I want someone to know the real “me”
And accept my uniqueness, the qualities
I have that are different from all others
Maybe that’s what falling in love is about
Feeling that at last someone sees the real “me”
And likes “me” enough to risk loving “me”
And living day to day with my idiosyncrasies

What a joy to find that in someone
Maybe that’s the strength of families
Unconditional acceptance, it’s available
With God, whose love has healing powers
Beyond any found in our immediate world,
I want to be able to give that to others
To my immediate family, my dear friends,
Extended family and students that I teach
We are here to love and grow together
To discover our uniqueness, the real "me"


  1. I sometimes think we spend our whole lives trying to figure out who the "real me" is. I don't think I know.

  2. I'm in California. I need to respond to this when I get home and I'm not sharing the room with a couple of men who keep saying things like, "Let's go"... "When do you want to go eat?"... "Aren't you ready yet?"

    I'll write in a few days...

  3. Mom, Hakan looked at your photo and thought that it was his photo.Resemblance is amazing! I think looking in to our family will help us to figure out who we are.Family is our map to ourselves.:)

  4. I love what Nedret had to say about family being our map to ourselves. That's pretty profound. When I think of my mother, father, three sister's and my children... I really love it. It would suggest that having their blood course through my veins does indeed mean I'm a pretty terrific individual. However... there are a few members of my family that cause me to shudder a bit at the thought. I am,however, the proud and not so proud composite of all of them. And... at last, I'm okay with that. I know that I'm also a composite of my eternal parents and many brothers and sisters that were a part of the family I lived with before this life.

    The real "me". The real "you". I wish we had the courage to stand up for our own intuitive natures. When our instincts tell us that something is true... or whispers a memory about what our spirits were like in the pre-existance... we (I) have the tendency to often to ignore those promptings. It's so much easier and feels so much more natural to pretend humility. Why do we do that to ourselves? I personally believe that the best traits that we display are the truest parts of the spiritual beings that we are...they are the most "real you" and "real me"... even when we often feel like it's a role that we're playing. The "polite" you is the "kind" you that doesn't have any desire to do harm to another's feelings. The "agreeable" you is the "joyous" you that embraces the fact that you're here in this magical place that God created learning the way to become more like your Heavenly Parents. heck! Why wouldn't you be agreeable when a glimmer of that truth surfaces?

    It's the insecurities, the anger, the selfishness that isn't as much a part of our divine selves as we try to convince ourselves that they are.

    I love the fact that when Wayne knew he wanted to spend his life with me, it was because he saw the basic goodness that was inside my heart and recognized that as the real "me" and didn't let my frustrated, confused, behaviors get in the way of seeing the spark of lovliness that was struggling to grow and surface in my character. Love is seeing what a person can and should be and helping them to bring their human nature into subjection to their divine nature so that they can realize the traits of their Heavenly parents that are a part of them. It's being willing to overlook the silliness and meanness that all of us hide behind from time to time. But the silliness and the meanness is the facade for most of us.

    It's such a comfort to share a life, or a few days, with someone who allows us to act up and behave badly now and then... and to love us through those times... But, I wouldn't want to think that I would be united with anyone for an eternity that thought those poorly lived moments were the real "me".
    I know that they aren't the real Lin. We are Goddesses in embryo, you and I ... and every woman we know. Unique in how we express our divinity... and unique in how willing we are to become comfortable with it. God is not the only one who has healing powers. We all have them. We don't exercise them enough... but the power to heal another's hurts, heartaches and lonliness is within us. If we are to become as Him... then we better start to focus on the parental traits that we carry, and to develop them to the fullest that we possibly can. That's our heritage. That's our responsibility. That's who we "really" are.

    Unconditional acceptance grows out of seeing another as they truly are and being willing to stand by them through the foolishnes of mortality until they recognize their own godliness and behave accordingly. And being there over and over, again and again... waiting with patience, never losing sight of their inner beauty... and rejoicing when it shows more and more in the actions and the countenance of those we love.

    I'm rambling... so, I'm signing off.

    Thanks Lin. You make me think. I have to put some time and energy into understanding what it is that rings true to me. You lift me to higher ground constantly. And I know that you see the real "me". What a gift you are.