Friday, January 11, 2008

Farewell to Beloved Family Members

This past week I had two family members die suddenly and unexpectedly. My uncle DuWayne and aunt Bonnie. They had been married for over 60 years and were experiencing some difficult medical problems, so death was a sweet release for them but we will miss them. DuWayne died in the night last Sunday from a heart attack and Bonnie was found in a diabetic coma the next morning by his side by family members. She never regained consciousness and died Tuesday. Their funeral will be held next week on Jan 15th which is the day my mom died last year. So you can imagine the family reunions that are going on beyond the veil.

This photo is of my grandpa, my aunt Bonnie as a teenager and myself at age 3 somewhere in the Beaver mountains enjoying a family picnic. Bonnie was my dad’s only sister and like a second mother to me. She helped me get started in doing genealogy back in 1960 and has been there throughout my life to encourage and love me. During her lifetime, she was a wife and mother of two children, then took care of her aged mother-my grandmother until she had to be put in a nursing home. During the last few years, Bonnie cared for her ailing husband DuWayne who called her his “angel wife.” I’m sure it was a blessing for him to have her company as death came and they were able to meet their daughter Janna who died unexpectedly several years ago leaving them grieving for her loss. Now they are all together again…never to be separated again


  1. how wonderful to go side by side into the eternities. I hope that's the way it will be for me and robert.

  2. see their obituary and photos at

  3. What a great story and what a lucky couple! Though I am sorry for your loss, I know that we all rejoice in the knowledge of what comes next.