Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gifts, Giving and Greed

Christmas is a time of giving
Presents carefully chosen or created
With a special person in mind
Festively wrapped in paper and bows

Days of anticipation follow
Waiting impatiently for Christmas day
To finally open the unknown gifts
Then to be delighted or quietly disappointed
On to the next gift as greed can rule

How to teach children the purpose
In gift giving not just receiving
To think of others and take time
To express love and appreciation
By the gifts they can give others

Do we as children take time to thank God
For the gift of His son so many years ago
Sending His beloved Christ to earth
Watching His sufferings as He taught
And fulfilled His earthly mission

How do we show our appreciation
To God who gives us the gift of life
And watches over us as we struggle and learn
Heartfelt thanks can be given in prayers
Or we can be greedy and ask for more
And not appreciate what we have been given

1 comment:

Lin said...

well need to explain a little more that all of us are it seems naturally's easier to receive than give because it takes more effort to extend ourselves and serve others first. Greed is something we ALL need to work on no matter our age.