Saturday, November 10, 2007


Sat, Nov 10, 2007 4:30 am and I can’t sleep but I did nap today…going to a writer’s workshop today, should be fun. Will take my laptop to write on. Leg is doing okay, healing little by little, have about 11 stitches or more and my legs are a purple blue color when the veins were taken out-not too pretty but will be more healthy when healed. Felt every needle go in for the surgery and it was painful but no way out but through.

No way out but through the process
Vein surgery is not fun or for the weak
Breathe deeply…I can do this
Having a baby or rather four babies
Wasn’t this hard, but it did bring about
These ugly varicose veins that I’ve lived with
For too many years and hated

Remove them, I know it will hurt
And take time but I don’t want them
Could we also say that about our sins
They do us no good except as a teacher
Of how we could have lived better

It escapes me this early morning
As I sit at my laptop contemplating the universe
But mostly me --what am I feeling
At this unearthly hour?
Why would I even want to feel?
Why aren’t I sleeping like my companion?
Although he also wakes and sleeps lightly
As he works through the details of designing
His houseboat that he wants to build

It will be interesting in the next life
To not need sleep, before we are resurrected
My, what we could accomplish
With the extra time that we waste sleeping
On this earth, every night or not sleeping
But wishing we could….

Sleeping pills to aid our sleep
Only drugs us and tricks us into a stupor
That really isn’t deep restorative sleep
Maybe the answer is “stop the naps”
But what does one do during the day
When the eyelids won’t stay open,
But plunk themselves tightly closed?
Why won’t they do that in the early hours
Of my long restless nights?

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  1. No I really do understand about sleep. I often wonder when I am awake at whatever hour, why I do not just get up and do something. Tire myself out. My mom suffered from insomnia back in the day and that's what her doctor recommended. Get up, get out of bed, tire yourself out. She'd get up but getting totally chased away sleep. She was tired a lot...and during that time she even had a high powered job at Alcoa. It all made the days worse. Not sure there is an answer.